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1723 'Inventing the Future'

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Solomon Live Restream

1723 Constitutions: Inventing the Future

Streamed on Feb 21, 2023 19:30 London

2023 marks the Tercentenary of the publication in London of the ‘1723 Constitutions’.

The book was based on Enlightenment foundations, values that lie at the core of modern Freemasonry in England and internationally. But the Constitutions and modern Freemasonry were not simply a product of the Enlightenment. They impacted upon it, not least as a vector for the transmission of Enlightenment principles globally.

Solomon Live is delighted to welcome Dr Ric Berman to discuss the impact that the 1723 Constitutions have had on Freemasonry and indeed society as a whole, over the last 300 years.


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